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We give a great importance to the privacy of all loan borrowers. That is why; we are committed to protect the privacy of their sensitive data at all costs. Please read this privacy policy before using our website.

Collection of information:

When you browse this website and us its services, we collect your personal and Non-personal information. The personal information we collect include your name, complete address, Your Email id, contact number, Employment details, Bank account details, Credit score, details about previous credit transaction, etc. The non-personal information that we gather may include your IP address, the browser you are using to access or site, geographical location, etc. All of the stored information remains safe on your website's server.

Use and share of the collected information:

We use the collected information to help you find a suitable credit lender, introduce you new loan products and services, track your record with us, verify the legitimacy of the information provided by you, check your previous credit scores, etc.

Always keep in mind that we share your details only with authorized parties to help you make a smart financial decision. We never share your details with unauthorized 3rd parties for our personal advantage. If you are wanted by the law of the land in case of financial frauds, we will have no option but to share your details with the respective law enforcement agencies.

Your liability:

When you get started with us, you should also be careful regarding the security of your data. Never disclose your sensitive personal or financial details to anyone as it will compromise the security of your data greatly.


We reserve our right to make changes in the privacy policy without giving any prior notification. Therefore, we request you to keep visiting our website at regular interval and keep yourself up-t-date about our latest privacy policy.

Cookie policy:

We make use of cookies for a number of purposes, which may also include the security factor and personalization of your web browsing experience. Some of the main issues of cookies are mentioned here below-

  • Cookies help us to identify you,
  • Rack your records with us,
  • To assign an identification number to your web browser,
  • To help us know whether you have visited our website previously or not,
  • To identify the web pages and third party cities you have visited,
  • To detect and prevent fraudulent financial activities.

In fact cookies are small files that carry information. Whenever you access our website we deliver cookies. They don't harm your computer/laptop or mobile device in any way. By delivering cookies to your system, we serve you very well.

If you don't want cookies to be delivered at your system, you can use the browser setting to disable them. In that case, some of our website services will become unavailable for you. However, you can still use our core services as usual.

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