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When you come to us for financial assistance, our first lookout is your convenience. We don't merely offer loans but, we at Cash Choice offer you Guaranteed installment loans with convenience. Mind it, we provide you with multifaceted convenience for availing of any type of installment loan.

With installment loans in Canada, you won't feel tiers of complexities mostly synonymous with installment loans. But, with us, it is altogether a different story. You will require minutes to fill in the e-form since our requirement is limited to basic personal information. Moreover, we don't want you to indulge in the documentation of any kind.

Guaranteed Installment Loans Canada makes all possible arrangements for you to avail of financial support from the most appropriate lender in the market. You can be at peace without your financial disparity henceforth. You can now experience financial freedom well within budget with our friendly cash solutions. With us, you will have the unique opportunity of availing of a loan that has a 100% approval rate. Cash Choice will help you get monetary support as and when you are in urgent financial requirement. Installment loans in Canada can be derived without much of any hassle. Online installment loans are easy to attain fast, which you can then pay back in convenient installments. As far as availing of our loans are concerned, you can, in fact, apply for installment repayment loans online.

Responsible Borrow up to $5000 Approval Anywhere Canada

Don't borrow more than what you can afford. Get in your next paycheck as your repayment is paid from your next paycheck. Get an installment loan online between $100 up to $5000, no credit check add no additional fees for a loan extension.

  • Easy and concise same day money transfer
  • Confidential & Bad credit history no matter
  • 24*7 online application facilities with no additional charges
  • Get in touch with multiple lenders installment loans Canada

Installment Loans Allow Borrowers Flexible Time Span

Our loans allow you to borrow $300 to $1,000 repaid over 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12, 36 months in equal monthly payments.

1 Month Loans

With our installment loans leading matching service provider 1 month loans you can easily able to fetch these loans with competitive terms and conditions in a hassle free way. Get much needed cash immediately to overcome from small cash crunches in no time!

3 Month Loans

3 month installment loans, get approved immediately. Receive funds in 1 hour or less. Reimbursed over 3-5 months. We are 100% online – no credit checks or paperwork required, only a simple ... on your next payday, you have the flexibility to repay over 3 months.

6 Month Loans

6 month installment loans for customers looking to borrow between $200 and $5,000 for up to six months. Payback are made on your scheduled pay date each month, and whilst the bulk of installment lenders allow repayment in equal monthly installments.

12 Month Loans

12 month installment loans is a personal loan that is payback within a period over 2 years; it is also known as an installment loan. If you have a low credit history and have been pushed back by anyone, you could still borrow a loan from $1,000 to $10,000... More over 12 months easy repayment.

24 Month Loans

24 month installment loans from our lenders are flexible, secure and personal loans that a qualified applicant can repay in up to 2 years. Whether you have a good or bad credit score you will always have the finest chance of judgment a personal loan through us. We only work with trustworthy lenders that believe in responsible lending and offer instant loan solutions that everyone can afford, sometimes ignoring a less than perfect credit record.

Affordable Installments without Credit Check Approval

The interest rate of installment loans vary from lender that is why; one must search for the low interest deals that suits their individual condition. An online financial market is full of same day loan providers that can provide you with the loan amount at affordable rates. Grabbing funds with affordable rate give relief to the borrowers while paying back the money.

Having bad credit or no credit will never hold you from qualifying. Our installment loans for bad credit people, verifying your repayment ability is far more important than verifying your credit history. When you pay back the money that you have borrowed on time, it will give you an opportunity to boost your credit score. But if you fail to pay back it will get you into financial trouble. This can also have an adverse effect on your credit rating and get you trapped in a vicious circle of debt.

Installment loans falls under the unsecured category and thus there is no need to place any collateral against the borrowed money. You can also avoid the hassle of documentation and time-consuming paperwork, which will help accelerate the application procedure and help you get the approved cash fast in hand.

Installment Loans Unsecured Fiscal Backup Against All Requirements

Get installment loans and access long term fiscal assistance with no collateral placement. Generally, you get the guaranteed approved against all your vital needs. But, never apply for such finances to meet your luxury needs because of its serious financial implications in case of non-repayment of the loan as agreed with the lender. Browse from website freely without sharing your data with installment loans (except cookies). As a responsible loan mediator guaranteed installment loans, Cash Chaoice collect your personal and non-personal information to help you get guaranteed direct lender products from our lenders, to communicate with you, to keep a tack of your communication with us, verify the information you supply us and introduce you with our bad credit loans guaranteed approval products and services, etc. Always keep in mind we use cookies to help you deliver our services in an efficient and better way.

Loans Requirements

  • Should confirm your citizenship Canada,
  • Must be above 18 years of age
  • Hold an active checking account and
  • Be currently employed, earning at least CA$1,000 every month

Installment Loans Benefits

  • Flexible, simple and fast lending in just a day via the internet.
  • All Time availability of funds, No Credit checking.
  • No collateral placement, No lengthy documentation.
  • No processing fee required, Online repayment Facility and
  • Loan extension Amenity at low fees.