Cash Choice is very particular about the data protection. We never share our data with a third party.

Cash Choice know that you are apprehensive you personal information. We would like to assure you thatas an ethical business organization we do not leave any room for leakage of your personal information from our database. Cash Choice take a number of measures to protect it.

We use your information to contact the lender and negotiate a deal for you. Nowhere else your data is used or shared. We survive by serving customers. We can let anything happen than can impact our valued clients' well-being.

If our customers are affected by us anyway, we will be affected in turn. How come we would like it to happen?

To protect our data from getting into wrong hands, we use only latest software including Internet security. Out IT professionals update our site at continuous intervals. Hacking of our site is a tough task even for the best of hackers.

There is only one case where we might be forced to share your data. And, that is the case of legal issues.

If a legal issue arises unfortunately due to a reason beyond our control, and we are asked to provide borrowers' details, we will be bound to disclose your information.

You can understand in such cases, we can't deny. If we refuse, we will be prosecuted only. But even, this will happen with authorized legal professionals only.

However, we are yet face a situation like this. Cash Choice is a rare happening. But, it's our duty to inform you in advance.

When you apply for small installment loans and short term payday loans at our site, you will be required to register first. Creating your account keeps data in a separate folder.

It helps in database management and increased customer service. If the site gets hacked unfortunately, the hacker won't be able to access all data.

Additionally, if you come for a loan again, our site will recognize you and process your application instantly because of your ready data.

You are also advised to keep your log in credentials confidential. Sharing it will expose it to risk. If something happens, you have to blame yourself only.

And lastly, we collect your information only when you apply for loan. If you are only a visitor at our site, we don't prompt you to share your information.